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  • PHP-enabled/supporting webserver.
    I developed and tried it on an Apache/1.3.31 Server on the Slackware-9.1 machine of my girlfriend. I don't (and don't want to) know if it is possible to run it on a Microsoft webserver, I would just not recommend it for so many reasons that I could get sick of listing them.

    Requirement on the visitor site: Use Firefox! Or any browser.
    (Any version of) MS Internet Explorer could not be considered as a browser due to many reasons and is therefore NOT.. and will NEVER be supported by me or any of my projects. You are free to fix this if you want and add a support for this (IMHO) bug produced by Microsoft but don't bother me with such requests. They'll all be redirected to /dev/null.

    1. Untar the archive in the desired directory or upload the untarred directory.
    2. Browse to this directory. You should see the file "http://[yourdomain]/[path_to_where_you_untarred]/minb-[release_number]/index.php".
    3. Remember to `chmod 0666 ./db/users.db && chmod 0777 ./categories`. For a good explanation of why you shoud do this, please refer to this site.
    4. The rest should be intuitive.
    5. Enjoy!

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