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  • multiuser support:
    As long as no user is registered, you will not be able to add entries and (if you do this manualy) to view them. Follow the instructions after loading "index.php" and register. The first registered user is a superuser (if you wanna change it, edit "./db/users.db" manualy). Only the superuser should be able to add new users and change the default theme.
    As long as only one user is registered, no autor name will be displayed assuming that the site belongs to only one person. After > 1 users register, the autor name will be displayed.
  • themes support:
    There is a file named "default.css" in "./include/themes". Please feel free to change this theme according to your feeling for design.
    After adding a new theme, it will be displayed as an option to choose in the menu for adding new users.
    Do not forget to mail me your theme! I intend to add them to the website of the project.
  • modules support:
    I added some sample modules in "./include/modules". The modules support is not user friendly yet.
    There are some directories in "./include/modules". Every *.php file in these directories will be used as a module in a separate "div id=`directory name`".
    In the case you wanna exclude a module from being loaded, you may rename it to whatever without the *.php extension or just delete it.
    If you wanna write a new module you should take a look at the source to see where and how to add it. Don't forget to add a new style in "./include/themes/*.css" if you add it in a new directory in "./include/modules"!
    Please mail me your module(s) if you consider them useful for others. I will link to them on the website of the project too.
  • category support:
    The entries are organized in category directories, e.g. "./categories/general", "./categories/music", "./categories/politics" etc. The files in these directories are named "YYYY_MM.xml".
    Adding new category is easy. As long as the permissions of the directory "./categories" are 0666, you will be able to add a new directory (category) every time you add a new entry. If you are not familiar with file permissions, get familiar with them! This is good for life! :) See this site for a beginning.
  • filter support:
    You may filter the output of the entries as follows:
    - index?autor=name (displays the entries of a given autor)
    - index?month=MM (displays the entries of a given month)
    - index?year=YY (displays the entries of a given year)
    - index?category=category (displays the entries of a given category)
    - index?title=title (displays the entries with a given title) // somehow useless.. but implemented by.. mistake
    - index?search=string (displays the entries with "string" contained in the content)
    Unfortunately a combination of these filters is not implemented yet and will output an inappropriate result.

NOTE: If you intend using minb as a blog system, please consider better ones like:
  • Serendipity (
  • Movable Type (
  • WordPress (
    Especially if you are a MS Windows user, take one of the aboves or another tool that might be userfriendly. There is of course a lot of other free stuph out there that you may find usable for this purpose. Take a look @ and and try searching for what you want.
    If however your host does not support *SQL, you may find this little php system useful.

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