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minb (Minb Is Not a Blog)

Welcome and 10x for showing interest on this small project! :)

minb intends to be a php-based content managing system without using any database.
I browsed searching for a such a thing but almost everything I found depended on *SQL or any other database, so I decided to try myself in php for the very 1st time. :)
NOTE: This is pre*10-alpha version!! You should know what this means. If not, forget using minb at this time!

I have an aversion to the word "blog" for the following reasons:
  • In the schoolyears I was told by many teachers for many times to write a diary (esp. in holidays) and I always hated it (I didn't like school at all).
  • I met (online) so many people "blogging" and almost living for it. Most of them consider this debile addiction as coolness and "not blogging" as uncoolness.
  • The word "blog" is so widespread by these people that I have a problem using it. The longing for individuality brought me to a different name.

    Name history: My girlfriend used to write things which she found moving and called them "moments". (And she did this years before any blog considered to appear online!) I found it more appropriate and the letter "M" in the beginning of the name should reflect this.

    Use it under the BSD-license or loose it! (See './COPYING')
    This is smileware. Smile if you like it! :)

    Author and Contact
    betso: betso[AT]users[DOT]sourceforge[DOT]net
    please contact me only after read this file and detected a bug that you cannot fix. mail me the patch if you have any source suggestions but remember that I'm too lame to understand all the stuph, you geeks write. ..not to mention the lack of time mainly due to my beloved profession having nothing to do with IT.

    minb was initially developed from scratch on a Slackware-9.1 machine using Apache/1.3.31 Server, php-4.3.8 and nano-editor.
    we'll see what the future will bring. :)


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