Sunday 06/19/2005 09:09 am 0.0.5 is out! @ news
minb-0.0.5 is out!

Take it and read the CHANGELOG for the news. Nevertheless, using 0.0.5 would let you feel the changes in the best possible way.

So.. if you like hot stuff, take it now! minb-0.0.5 is still hot! :)

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Saturday 06/04/2005 06:33 pm propaganda @ news
Today we started our "propaganda" section. Take a look @ the pics or the words and feel free to submit new ones. :)

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Tuesday 05/24/2005 08:26 am minb-0.0.4 is out! @ news
crib released today minb-0.0.4.

As on his minb posted, the changes are so many, that you are highly encouraged to upgrade. The CHANGELOG is almost untouched, due to the high amount of improvements and it is up to you to discover them. :)

Get minb today, enjoy and smile (as this is smileware!).

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Sunday 05/22/2005 07:40 am CVS Repository @ news
by crib

Our CVS Repository is now online! Changes are made daily, so you might want to check it out to get a glimpse of the latest features ;)

You can get the latest CVS as follows:

cvs login
Enter password:
just press enter
cvs -z3 co -P minb

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Friday 05/20/2005 12:33 pm minb-0.0.3 released! @ news
by crib


minb-0.0.3 is fresh out, adding some major new features and bugfixes. Check out the Changelog for an extensive list of changes, only a few of which are full session support, ability to add/remove categories, multiple entries, and the ability to prioritize postings (Y-Order).
So what are you waiting for, get it while its hot!

We would also like to apologize for some glitches in the availability of the webpage, we seem to be experiencing problems with the nfs mounts on sourceforge. If you get any errors when opening the homepage, just reload

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Friday 05/13/2005 02:13 pm new developer @ news
Today a new developer joined the team (containing until today only me:P).

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome.. crib!
crib is a long term coder, main contributor of slackware packages for and one of the smartest guys in the Net. I am sure this will improve the development of "minb" by unusual dimensions and am very happy about this fact.

homepage of crib

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Monday 01/17/2005 09:35 am about @ about
minb (Minb Is Not a Blog)

Welcome and 10x for showing interest on this small project! :)

minb intends to be a php-based content managing system without using any database.
I browsed searching for a such a thing but almost everything I found depended on *SQL or any other database, so I decided to try myself in php for the very 1st time. :)
NOTE: This is pre*10-alpha version!! You should know what this means. If not, forget using minb at this time!

I have an aversion to the word "blog" for the following reasons:
  • In the schoolyears I was told by many teachers for many times to write a diary (esp. in holidays) and I always hated it (I didn't like school at all).
  • I met (online) so many people "blogging" and almost living for it. Most of them consider this debile addiction as coolness and "not blogging" as uncoolness.
  • The word "blog" is so widespread by these people that I have a problem using it. The longing for individuality brought me to a different name.

    Name history: My girlfriend used to write things which she found moving and called them "moments". (And she did this years before any blog considered to appear online!) I found it more appropriate and the letter "M" in the beginning of the name should reflect this.

    Use it under the BSD-license or loose it! (See './COPYING')
    This is smileware. Smile if you like it! :)

    Author and Contact
    betso: betso[AT]users[DOT]sourceforge[DOT]net
    please contact me only after read this file and detected a bug that you cannot fix. mail me the patch if you have any source suggestions but remember that I'm too lame to understand all the stuph, you geeks write. ..not to mention the lack of time mainly due to my beloved profession having nothing to do with IT.

    minb was initially developed from scratch on a Slackware-9.1 machine using Apache/1.3.31 Server, php-4.3.8 and nano-editor.
    we'll see what the future will bring. :)


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  • Monday 01/17/2005 07:56 am features @ features
    • multiuser support:
      As long as no user is registered, you will not be able to add entries and (if you do this manualy) to view them. Follow the instructions after loading "index.php" and register. The first registered user is a superuser (if you wanna change it, edit "./db/users.db" manualy). Only the superuser should be able to add new users and change the default theme.
      As long as only one user is registered, no autor name will be displayed assuming that the site belongs to only one person. After > 1 users register, the autor name will be displayed.
    • themes support:
      There is a file named "default.css" in "./include/themes". Please feel free to change this theme according to your feeling for design.
      After adding a new theme, it will be displayed as an option to choose in the menu for adding new users.
      Do not forget to mail me your theme! I intend to add them to the website of the project.
    • modules support:
      I added some sample modules in "./include/modules". The modules support is not user friendly yet.
      There are some directories in "./include/modules". Every *.php file in these directories will be used as a module in a separate "div id=`directory name`".
      In the case you wanna exclude a module from being loaded, you may rename it to whatever without the *.php extension or just delete it.
      If you wanna write a new module you should take a look at the source to see where and how to add it. Don't forget to add a new style in "./include/themes/*.css" if you add it in a new directory in "./include/modules"!
      Please mail me your module(s) if you consider them useful for others. I will link to them on the website of the project too.
    • category support:
      The entries are organized in category directories, e.g. "./categories/general", "./categories/music", "./categories/politics" etc. The files in these directories are named "YYYY_MM.xml".
      Adding new category is easy. As long as the permissions of the directory "./categories" are 0666, you will be able to add a new directory (category) every time you add a new entry. If you are not familiar with file permissions, get familiar with them! This is good for life! :) See this site for a beginning.
    • filter support:
      You may filter the output of the entries as follows:
      - index?autor=name (displays the entries of a given autor)
      - index?month=MM (displays the entries of a given month)
      - index?year=YY (displays the entries of a given year)
      - index?category=category (displays the entries of a given category)
      - index?title=title (displays the entries with a given title) // somehow useless.. but implemented by.. mistake
      - index?search=string (displays the entries with "string" contained in the content)
      Unfortunately a combination of these filters is not implemented yet and will output an inappropriate result.

    NOTE: If you intend using minb as a blog system, please consider better ones like:
  • Serendipity (
  • Movable Type (
  • WordPress (
    Especially if you are a MS Windows user, take one of the aboves or another tool that might be userfriendly. There is of course a lot of other free stuph out there that you may find usable for this purpose. Take a look @ and and try searching for what you want.
    If however your host does not support *SQL, you may find this little php system useful.

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  • Monday 01/17/2005 08:29 am installation @ installation
  • PHP-enabled/supporting webserver.
    I developed and tried it on an Apache/1.3.31 Server on the Slackware-9.1 machine of my girlfriend. I don't (and don't want to) know if it is possible to run it on a Microsoft webserver, I would just not recommend it for so many reasons that I could get sick of listing them.

    Requirement on the visitor site: Use Firefox! Or any browser.
    (Any version of) MS Internet Explorer could not be considered as a browser due to many reasons and is therefore NOT.. and will NEVER be supported by me or any of my projects. You are free to fix this if you want and add a support for this (IMHO) bug produced by Microsoft but don't bother me with such requests. They'll all be redirected to /dev/null.

    1. Untar the archive in the desired directory or upload the untarred directory.
    2. Browse to this directory. You should see the file "http://[yourdomain]/[path_to_where_you_untarred]/minb-[release_number]/index.php".
    3. Remember to `chmod 0666 ./db/users.db && chmod 0777 ./categories`. For a good explanation of why you shoud do this, please refer to this site.
    4. The rest should be intuitive.
    5. Enjoy!

    last change: Friday 05/20/2005 07:12am

  • Monday 01/17/2005 09:17 am organization @ organization
    Structure of the files:
    The single entries are stored as XML-files which you may edit with your favorite editor (I'm too lame for vi and emacs and use nano).
    The XML-files are stored as "./category/[category]/YYYY_MM.xml". This is intended to be easy for finding entries and manual editing if desired.
    Take a look at the README or the files itself to get an idea about the XML-structure used.

    last change: Friday 05/20/2005 07:11am

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